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filed by RON PAUL

RON PAUL is not the Honorable congressman doctor Ronald Ernest Paul, but a legal team representing Honorable congressman Ronald Ernest Paul RETIRED.

RON PAUL reached out and asked, "What's the domain worth? and responded to what was IDEAL, staff saleries, consultants, attorneys, security, 6 years, advertizing, etc, and gave them them an IDEAL figure $856K.

RON PAUL came back and said, "What would you sell it for?" said $250K

RON PAUL filed an ICANN complaint using precident (not constitutional law) Hillary Clinton and Julia Roberts defamation through domain, and claimed the owners of were operating the domain IN BAD FAITH.

I'm sure when the owners of got that email they were scratching their heads. This is not what Ron Paul taught us in his message of Liberty, Sound Money and nonintervention.

We don't know if the honorable congressman doctor Ron Paul RETIRED hired RON PAUL, or someone or something else.

What we do know is is under sttack by RON PAUL, and many of us are looking to what we are supposed to learn from this.

I think it would have been absolutly fantastic had the honorable congressman doctor Ronald Ernest Paul RETIRED called the owners of and offered some gold or silver in trade. That would have made everyone happy and a win win.. instead, no one is happy and many are thinking WTF?