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Comment: And that is what I am talking about

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And that is what I am talking about

1. Many posts get missed. Many posters seem to take that personally. It is a matter of what else is being posted and who is online and what they are interested in.
2. The bust idea is lovely, but not something I want to participate in. My money is budgeted very tightly, and I try VERY hard not to circulate FRNs. It is my personal "End the Fed" mission. I saw the post when you bumped it, and just clicked away. I thought "What would Ron Paul do with a bronze bust of himself?" and chose not to participate. It does not mean I do not think it is a lovely gesture, but it would mean taking money budgeted for aquaponics development and education and sending it to someone to make a rather useless trinket for a rich guy. Sorry, just not my thing. If these are the types of "worthy efforts" you are in a twist about, you might be a drama junkie.

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