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Comment: Let us offer plans and hope... not just fear and panic.

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Let us offer plans and hope... not just fear and panic.

Lawyer permission?

Where is that news story we can see? And I do not intimate that every incident like this is bogus or entirely undercover and never covered!

Been there, done that! The media usually has it wrong, but they like stories! This one seems far to big to ignore, at least in the local little town paper.

So... who, what, where, when, and media story attached?

Why, you might ask?

The Third Internationale, the CPUSA, the CFR, and all those who follow or utilize the dialectical approach and methods to overthrow a country, especially a republic of which there is only one, need one main tactic to come into play and bring about an event, or several of very specific nature!

That is... chaos, violence, destruction!

From the ashes of the old shall arise the new, which is always euphemistically called the 'dictatorship of the proletariat'!

First, for the dictatorship to come about the old needs to be undermined morally, practically and structurally! We have long passed that point.

Second the powers who are preparing to become tyrants need an excuse to ratchet-up the plans to the violent stage! That requires a people who hear only of tragedy, chaos, violations of rights, loss of freedom, how powerful the government is, and how hopeless it is to resist.

The next part of this phase requires an action which causes people to panic and stop thinking, and then start shooting, burning, stealing, or anything which is violent! Out of such chaos, existing infrastructure, morally, physically, socially, and politically, suffer to the point of total decay and destruction. This will give the dialectical need for action on the part of those with the biggest gun and most bullets.

As Mao said power comes from the barrel of a gun! He envisioned, along with all Marxist/Leninist/FedBank'ists, that such power could be used in such times of chaos, panic, and violence!

However, at such a time the greatest protection of the peace and freedom of the people, the best anti-tyrant, the simplest defense against such a violence, remains the simple peaceful reliance on the constitution!

Acting as peacefully and calmly as possible under fire, always waiting for the tyrant to expend his fake virility, a perceived power which relies on the people to panic and forget the law, always trumps fear and snuffs out revolution!

A calm reliance upon the rule of law always thwarts the machinations of the Marxist or the globalist. Such tyrants have been suspected all along, since before 1917, to have been mere puppets of the bankers and Fed.

Therefore I ask for evidence that this actually occurred, so that people can deal with it reasonably. Rather than panic and run around thinking every constitutionalist FFL dealer (redundancy) on the block is headed for arrest, and an arrest of the most frightening nature, let us see the truth of how this came about, and your plan for winning against tyranny. It is my opinion however, as someone with experience in these things, that there is far more to this story than your short message.

The worst possible outcome for liberty is effected by stories of fear and panic absent any analysis of the whole truth of the case, and not combined with a best plan going forward.

We deal in hope folks. It is a hope born of love of liberty and freedom. It is a hope which brings people together. It should afford the best platform for fighting this fight ahead of us, with knowledge, sound advice, constitutional wisdom, knowing the whole truth... and preparing for it!