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Comment: and slowly

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and slowly

very very slowly
because then mass enrage won't ensue

everyone always says over my dead body,,,, and i will go down swinging

yet easier said than done

who are gonna be the first and spend 20 years to life in jail????

i know tht doesn't sound appealing to me,,, and i won't be the test model ,,, or be first or even 10th to do it

i think the gov't knows tht the opublic has troubling gathering a critical mass that would be big enuff to be effective in mass disobedience, defiance

unfortunately as humans i guess we like the easier softer way,,, and we don't realize the power a huge mass could have

look at IRS tax dodgers----they've done pretty good getting em all in jail and for long periods too
schiff,,, the browns and plenty of others too