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Comment: After the election -- well,

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After the election -- well,

After the election -- well, actually after we failed to get any Paul delegates to the Rep. National Convention from my state -- I was very depressed. I spent much of the summer in my backyard, staring off into space and feeling like a failure and like I'd wasted so much of my family's time and resources.

I rarely came to the DP. It seemed like when I did folks were pointing fingers anywhere but at themselves. I knew my finger was aimed at my own forehead.

By the end of summer, I decided that, although I'd proven to be a terrible political organizer and dreadful with trying to work with groups, I could start where I was. I started thinking about what I could do for the cause of liberty with just my family. I started a blog, which I've never publicized, to explore how I could pursue a liberty agenda on my own little plot of land and in my own little sphere. I started with my money because it was Paul's views on economics that first captured my interest.

It's taken several months, but my husband and I just signed the refinance docs that take our home loan out of a big bank that was embroiled in the mortgage scandals and received government bailout loans. As of last week, our home loan is now with a local credit union, which never sells its loans and has never been bailed out by taxpayer dollars.

Next, we intend to remove ourselves from the bank that holds our credit card debt -- another bailout bank with scores of allegations of fraud.

I also got myself a logic textbook, which I'm slogging through so that I can debate more effectively next time I find myself in a position of influence. I've joined Toastmasters to learn to speak more effectively. I've been voted onto the board of a nonprofit, which I believe in and takes no government money.

These are things I want to do to prepare myself for whatever role I may be able to play to promote liberty in the future.

I failed in my efforts during the election. I point the finger at myself. I find the posts here about some evil "other" -- whether aliens or Bilderbergs or whoever -- fun, titillating, distracting, and counter-productive by turns. I follow the threads and links for some of them, both for entertainment and to double check that I'm not closing my eyes too quickly. But frankly, I think a lot more can be done by pointing the finger toward home.

Working towards things we can control.

We can get our investments and loans out of the big bad banks.
We can work on our weaknesses so that we're more able to participate in the messy process of self-governance.
We can become more involved where we're at.

My blog attempts are fledgling. I switched just today from wordpress to blogspot and haven't transferred content well yet. I haven't written regularly -- nor updated our latest payoff. But I'm very much interested in knowing more about what DPers are doing in their own spheres to contribute to the cause of liberty and feeding off their ideas.

In short, I'd say that I have maligned the conspiracy and alien and vortex math stuff here, although I've been interested and followed it some. I have not participated in posting my own thoughts about what I'm doing to further the cause and what I'd like to see others doing -- the kind of stuff I'd like to see more of here.

I'll try.

Here's the link to the just-switched, unorganized, almost unedited blog I started last fall after my summer of sitting in a puddle of failure in my backyard.