Comment: Beck: Public Apology Required!

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Beck: Public Apology Required!

I saw Judge Napolitano at CPAC 2009 at the Omni Shoreham in D.C., and he is a most remarkable man. HE was there in support of RON PAUL (as the other speakers were).

As soon as BECK announces a PUBLIC APOLOGY due to the fact that BECK was a VOCAL INSTRUMENT that swayed the American public to reject the notion of the CONSTITUTION (which DIRECTLY LEAD to Ron Paul's defeat in both 2008 AND 2012), I will accept that he is being genuine. Beck's ideas regarding 'Occupy Wall street' are all wrong (as usual, he is still towing the official 'party line' on this one, and cannot come to do the research regarding the origins and the infiltration). The 'KISS ISRSAEL'S ASSETS' talk by BOTH of them near the end is quite disturbing as well (I never expected the Judge to go along with this crap!).

Beck is opining that the 'two-party system' somehow is NOT a TOTALITARIAN political party that is controlled by the SAME people/intetrests, and that BOTH are NOT 'quite yet' into FASCISM (another point on which he and I, as well as many others, disagree on).
As soon as Beckie-boi comes clean and humbles himself by admitting that his attacks upon you, me, and Ron Paul were totally WRONG, I shall reconsider my well-learned factual observations regarding this media schill.