Comment: What a bunch of CRAP

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What a bunch of CRAP

Sometimes I don't even have to wonder WHY we failed.
Of course Ron Paul did not win, has since retired, and would like to get on with his life doing his best to educate and enlighten people to the message of liberty. PERIOD.
So why would he even want to continue having all of these sites tied to his name for any reason...other than maybe Ron Paul forums and the Daily Paul, so that those of us who still crave liberty and wish to restore the republic can communicate our own latest effort's.
And as far as the UN crap goes...hello-hello.
In case any of you self proclaimed patriot's forgot, Obama has pretty much handed the internet over to the control of the UN, and so where else would Ron go in order to have ANYTHING done, or to make his wishes known?
So anyone spouting off about this ill intent or about face of Ron Paul is either a neo-con implant (nyuk-nyuk) or an establishment globalist trolmeister wanting to grow some (whatever) division and diversion within the liberty movement. Don't be foolish. They want to discredit Rand. I believe most of us are way smarter than to fall for the CRAP.