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On The Subject Of Wheat And Weight Loss

The Judge discusses the loss of 60 extra pounds due to the non-intake of WHEAT, and described that Campbell's Tomato Soup has 'wheat' in it.
What Campbell's Soup uses in their product is G.M.O., NOT REAL wheat.

If wheat (honest wheat) was actually BAD, would Jesus have performed the MIRACLE of feeding the 5,000 with fishes and LOAVES (of BREAD, which is mostly WHEAT)?

Wheat which is 'genetically modified' is not able to be assimilated by the human body in the same fashion as the real stuff. All the 'good' things about it (like the good cholesteral and REAL fiber) are removed from the process (because if it's good for YOU, it is good for lower forms of live, and THEY are trying to engineer a crop that is resistant to 'pests' which also eat it because it is good for them).
Three basic Needs and Essentials for humans:
The CLOTHING comes from Sri Lanks, Bangladesh, and China, using slave labor.
The SHELTER comes from houses constructed with CHINESE DRYWALL that is poisoned with all kinds of stuff.
What about the FOOD?
A fast hamburger at McDonald's, perhaps? THEY gotta feed over 6 and a half BILLION people, and the need for 'sesame seed buns' is overwhelming! How about if THEY engineer a wheat 'product' that can be grown RAPIDLY in ANY CLIMATE and is resistant to EVERY ATTACK from pests to blights? Could THEY make a whole *hitload of money at this? they already supply your houses with drywall that molds on contact with the air, and clothing that cannot stand up to actally 'wearing it'.
The Judge missed a great opportunity to direct the conversation here.