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Comment: Seems there is some similar

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Seems there is some similar

Seems there is some similar complaint on DP every other week since I started here. Usually it is some version of "hmpfff, I am annoyed by DP for this or that reason and so I'm leaving and never coming back!" And then they come back a few months later. I don't get it. If people don't like what it is or what it has become then why don't they just stop coming to DP and/or start their own website more in line with their vision? DP can't be all things to all people. It obviously channels the interests of its what is the big deal? It seems that a lot of the complainers lean toward controlling the content. I like DP due to the unfettered nature of the posts. There are some topics that I don't click on because they aren't of interest to me. I highly suggest that if certain topics don't interest you, don't click or comment on them.