Comment: I think honesty IS the best policy - short of getting in

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I think honesty IS the best policy - short of getting in

trouble with the law. I say this ONLY because I think it's pretty fair to agree that there are many unjust laws put in place simply to make certain people wealthier.

I also think it's the best policy if you hold your personal moral values in high regard. That is to say, if your principle is to have a clean conscience and be able to look in the mirror and not feel guilty/ashamed of some act you committed or stated.

The rest depends on how politically correct and/or sensitive the other person is. Do they WANT the TRUTH? Can they HANDLE the TRUTH? Speaks volumes in terms of maturity.

It ultimately depends on what type of person you are and "HOW" you value yourself. Whether you put "honesty" above "materialism and financial we. I have been accused MANY MANY MANY times of being "too honest", which if I were to consider "THEIR" (materialistic/financial)reasoning, they would indeed be correct. Yet my conscience would bother me, whereas it more than likely not, wouldn't even cross someone else's mind, specifically someone(most of society) who "believes" that EVERYONE lies all the time.

Sad how this society sees being "too honest" as a negative and detrimental, almost to the point of being psychologically disabled in some views. I for one, have no problem being called "too honest". It's certainly much better than being called a liar.

Just think if our politicians were "too honest" for a change. Hmmm...."Honest Ron" comes to mind and is one of the reasons we admire him as a politician/statesman.

On a personal side note: I've come to admire many of your posts dwalters. Keep up the good work. Honestly! ; )