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IF Dr. Paul wanted the domain name, he could have contacted and asked them if they would like to trade gold, or silver, at HIS PRICE.. make an offer, and keep with his principle of sound money, free trade, constitution government.

I get little notes on my samurai suzuki all the time: "Want to sell your car? Call me @ number." Dr. Paul could have done that. What's it worth to him? Make a decent offer.. How much is it worth? $250K? If said, NO WAY.. then hire a legal team in the name of RON PAUL and sue to get the domain name, as is happening.

Should I give my suzuki to someone name SAMURAI because they want it? Does their being a famous SAMURAI make it more fair or just?

I have heard that Justin Paimondo is going to be speaking at the convention. Raimondo is not supporting Rand, just called him a turncoat.

I am supporting Rand, because I prefer Rand to Rubio, who the GOP has funded with $30M, and buying MSM news/votes.

So whose side is Raimondo on? Rove's or Rand's?

I don't believe I'm being a wuss, because the speaker who I want to see is Karl Rove. Rove has started a Victory PAC he wants to use to keep the Bush Republicans in office and kick the Ron Paul/ Rand Paul RepubliCANS out.

I love you too (((((((((DFarrell))))))))))