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Comment: I'm not a computer whiz,

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I'm not a computer whiz,

but wouldn't an optional internet community without the communist feds be plausible? Based on past nonperformance, it is definitely too much to expect of the puppet U.S. populace to demand Constitutional restraints in government which would be necessary to rein in characteristic Obomba programs, policies and procedures.

It amazes that people of today, as a result of technology, are generally dumber than folks of preceding generations. Blame it on the educators, somewhat, but the freedom of imagination of recent generations has gone missing, and we codgers know why. As a result, the pretense being public safety, in a walk, antagonists of the U.S. Constitutional Republic, inspite of the 2nd amendment, have usurped control of the once mightiest force on the face of the planet and rendered it internally impotent. It would be better identified as The United Socialist States of China. In tandem with the District of Columbia, the label on the inside of my shirt collar is another, constant reminder of that.