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The way I figure it

It is the governments.

Example, property taxes, taxes for maintenance, furnishings, and upkeep, GDP numbers, asset value for bond buyers, reason for govs to build more infrastructure and schools, hire more gov employees, etc.

PS there is no way the houses are what they are worth imo. It is the land more than anything. The materials for the most part today and assembly is crap. Building codes set the minimum standards. Do not ever buy a new house from a builder unless it is a close relative. Most likely better off buying a 40 year old home if cannot build a new one from scratch.

There is nothing more satisfying than being your own contractor apart from the headaches lol. Do you really trust people from the public school system today to build your house from a contractor? At least when you run the show you have control over who you hire. Sometimes you get vvery fortunate finding some really quality people. Other times you have to watch your materials and supplies like a hawk.

Note - check out a counter top today compared to one from 30 years ago lol and try to buy as much as you can from Amish and Mennonites instead of Home Despot etc.