Comment: NAP on U.S. Government and Israel Government

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NAP on U.S. Government and Israel Government

Beck: How do we support Israel without an entangling alliance?

We. That little misuse of grammar that trips many people, causing them great confusion and grief for everyone else. This misuse should be a reminder to anyone advancing freedom privately and especially publically that words have a purpose: They convey messages from the mental plane to the physical plane and vice versa. Befriend nouns and pronouns so the message arrives to its destination without detours.

NAP, Who is "we"?

About NAP on this issue, the relationship between the U.S. government and Israel government, his answer was a failure. Poor analogy and poor answer.

NAP: We can provide them with a lot of help.

Who is "we" and who is "them"?

Is "we" the United States citizens? Is we the U.S. government and military? Is we NAP and Glenn Beck? Is we NAP, Glenn, me and you? Who is we?

Who is "they"? Is they the Israel government and its military? Is they the Israeli people? How about Israel's government, its military and Israeli people? Just who is they?

NAP ended saying "without putting Americans at risk." Yes, but how is that done? Why, of course, the only way: in freedom -- that if Joe America wants to help someone living on the terrain named Israel, he can. In freedom is acting in want, that is, without influence and control outside him and the object of his want.

If NAP meant we to be the U.S. government and military and they to be Israel's government and military, a grievous contradiction to "without putting Americans at risk," and I don't see how NAP doesn't know he made this contradiction, then I'm sorely disappointed in him. Additionally, I'm soured he didn't ask Glenn to clarify his use of we. After all the years NAP's talked about freedom, he makes not an oversight but this error, this contradiction, a brutal strike against logic??

NAP, explain how this allowance of yours, that the U.S. government and military fight with or for Israel's government and military, isn't a contradiction, please.

*shakes head side to side* *sighs*

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