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"No, I have not talked to

"No, I have not talked to every scientist who works for big pharma."

But yet you claim knowledge about what everyone of them would say, without a single decenter amongst them. Perhaps they would all say that, but you were speculating and merely assuming - something you do a lot of, apparently.

"Now, does that mean that talking to one Monsanto employee gives you 100% knowledge of everything concerning GMOs?"

More assumptions.... I never claimed that it did. Nor would I describe him as my friend. We have know one another for sometime and becoming more like friends since events have put us in close proximity.

"Because he's your friend is a poor reason to think him totally infallible.

Your speculations and unwarranted assumptions seem endless. I say that his explanations made sense and were logical (granted, I am not a 'scientist', but nevertheless, fairly well informed). Now you come along and inform me that I believe he is 'totally infallible' and implied having 'one' conversation with him gives me 'ALL KNOWLEDGE'.
You are a riot.