Comment: The Jewish Lobby has TOO MUCH INFLUENCE

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The Jewish Lobby has TOO MUCH INFLUENCE

over the American People.

Many view Muslims, all of them, poorly because of the 'Terrorists', yet the Jews won't distance themselves from the Evils of Central Banking themselves. It is Okay to be Pro-Semitic, yet everyone gets riled up over Anti-Semites.

The Pro-Caucasian Movement in the United States, and places like South Africa, got a bad name for good reason. Yet the Semites are immune from such scrutiny???

I know several Jews and have little to no issue with them and any differences that I do have would never lead to violence. I am not Pro or Anti Semite, I'm quite indifferent as I am to any other ethnic group. You $h!t on my doorstep or leave an Apple Pie, will will feel compelled to reply in kind. There is only ONE RACE, the Human Race, and it is composed on Jerks and Friends alike, but mostly people you will never know or meet.

The Jews are a major distraction from the Solutions that need to be implemented. If they would distance themselves from the Money Changing, the only behavior Christ ever got forceful about, and displayed a more open and accepting meme, then I think there would be much less fuss over them or their neighbors.

I do recognize that the Muslims and Jews hate each other, but taking sides only encourages more Hate. Let Both Sides offer peaceful solutions, and then pick sides. Let Both offer violent solutions, and then excuse yourself.