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WTF are you talking about? I

WTF are you talking about? I have no desire to be anything great. I am not afraid of it, I just don't desire it. I am sick of everyone these days thinking that if you don't want to do something or you don't like something that you outright fear it. I just want to be mediocre and to be left alone. My pursuit of happiness means actually owning land and never having to make contact with any human. I am genetically inferior and I don't want to continue my family's seed. I am just living to die. Suicide would be immoral, so I am just living without much effort put into being healthy and not much effort put into a career so I can die fairly young. Sorry, but everyone is different, and another thing I am sick of is people having this attitude that everyone must have some great instinct to be great and survive. It's the same kind of mindset as to why euthanasia and suicide are illegal. Protecting people from their self with force is supposed to be what this place isn't about. Stop labeling the people with no will as mentally ill. I am not mentally ill, my attitude is part of who I am and how I was created. My brain also works in that I analyze everything and if something isn't going to benefit me, then I am not going to do it. I don't feel good about being good towards others and being charitable. It's a waste of my time and energy.

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