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Hey Granger!!

I heard Rand on an interview with Neil Cohen on NPR yesterday. He actually mentioned the word 'libertarian'. I was happy about it.

I think the PTB are not only pushing Rubio but also Rand. He would never get as much face time with the media if they weren't. I am not sure that it is good news. Does it not mean that Rand is towing the establishment line so they like him now?

Even though I have been at the point of nausea while listening to Rand for some time, I have been forcing myself to listen lately just for you, Granger. I really want to see why you like him so much. I have heard him say a couple of good things. Overall though, he is still just as repulsive to me as a good politician, like for instance Jim Demint. I will keep trying though, Grang. I want to see him in a fair light. Even though he isn't even a pimple on his dad's rump, to me, his dad is my greatest hero ever so a pimple on his bottom is actually quite a compliment.