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Get over yourself, please

Everyone understands that posts get missed. That's a logistical fact that's obvious. It doesn't mean, however, that a post should receive a couple negative votes to get buried even further (what his post received). If those people didn't want to participate, then 'drive on' but why actively knock it to the dirt?

I can understand, probably better than most here, budgeting money for only the best things. Had you followed more of my ideas, you'd know that I've spent mine doing thing you would probably drool over. Too bad I won't make you that offer now. You could have had an automated aquaponics system that is more compact and dense for cheaper and easier to manage. Being an engineer and into automation, this is what I do. However, like everyone else, I now have my 4th through 6th kid in college and the others are buying fixer-upper homes so I'm beyond drained. Still, I haven't taken those problems public. Maybe others would want to pitch in and buy me a tire to replace the one I've been nursing along throughout the winter by filling it up every 3 days? No? Why not? The rest of the members here interested in entertaining stories. Oh, that's right, because it involves doing something and that's where the line is drawn. Well, I'm sorry but that attitude is what got this country into the mess we're in. We can rail all day long about how past generations or other social groups are too apathetic to stand up to the oppression taking control over them but it must stop there. We aren't allowed to discuss anything that involves personal action. But we CAN generalize all day long.

You say that there's a time for work and a time for play? Well, I'd like to ask when is the time for work? Give me a date and time. Since you suggest I'm not active myself, I'll bite.

I've personally contacted over 250 politicians, 1000 entrepreneurs/celebrities, 50 investors, 30 activist groups and more looking for that one opening when they aren't having a bad day and I'm on my game (pitch-wise). I've held meetings at my home for 10-25 people, looking to get some commitment to go with all the well wishing they have for this idea or that. I'm a member of groups ranging from CFL, Tea Party, Oathkeepers, Fair Tax, MoveOn, Coffee Party, to the campaigns every candidate for president and my state's politicians, my local and some national power boards, nearly a dozen renewable energy groups, industrial - home and DIY automation, entrepreneurs and crowdfunding groups, an aquaponics and polyculture group, Zeitgeist and so many more I can't remember them all. I have 3 email addresses that get 500 newsletters each day.

Sounds like a lot, right? Sounds like I'm blowing my horn right? Well it was all to find some group or individual willing to take action on the hard topics that society wants to sweep under the rug. Where have I focused the most? DailyPaul. That's because this group talks like they have the mindset to both comprehend the reasons we need to do some tough work and to maybe join behind acting on it. I'm NOT the only person to see this. This site is a magnet for others to post proposals.

I know quite a bit about what Michael Nystrom is going through. He's seeing the general direction of his site shift from active and political to conspiracy and gossip. I see him returning more frequently, posting more often and his posts gently implying that more action could be done. He's not going to upset the apple cart, however, to push any drastic change. I went through the same exact thing with my FB group and in the end, I was too motivated to spend the time schmoozing ideas out to people who weren't receptive. That's why I'm here and not there.

So when someone posts an idea, a solution or even a probing tough question that leads to an idea, it is very disheartening to see not only the expected "misses" but the ACTIVE downvoting and the active defense of fun over function. That defense should be apologetic, not active and aggressive. The idea people, myself included, are not against the fun. We're against the war on action. We want both. Why is it ok for one side to tell the other what's ok but not the reverse? We're against endless discussions about what's wrong when those discussions don't have the option of turning into productive discussions. We're against being told that we're in a long battle and just one person can't fix it SO DON'T TRY.

Listen carefully: With the right ideas and a small active group behind them, we could fix nearly everything in less than 5 years. I'll put everything I own on that bet.

I can't speak for the others, but I've lived my entire life proving nay-sayers wrong. Whether it's technical, logic or application, if you say I can't do it, you just guaranteed it will get done. I've done this in so many areas that I may be getting cocky here but I'll put my track record up any day. I'm not saying that to impress, however, but more to show that there simply is zero, zip, zilch, zed, nada, nil and no justification for not discussing something on that basis. None. It's counter productive and ONLY SERVES THE SYMPATHY OF WHOMEVER IS SAYING IT.

In conclusion, I'm not here whining that a bust idea didn't get enough support. I'm not even bitching about MY ideas not being supported. This is about a general attitude that the world is coming to an end so we have to watch every aspect of it but we sure as heck can not follow the path this site began on (before you were a member) of coordinating people behind some action. We can't get away with telling the people they must take some action or it's over... especially if those people are members here. No. On this site we're the change that will happen so don't question our path (even though it's no different lately from the other groups).

Please tell me I'm wrong. Please show me the category where good ideas get promoted on merit ALONE. Show me the project or even question category where merit holds more value than popularity. And if you think I'm picking on you, well then that's the cost for being the popular voice you've chosen to be. Now, back it up.