Comment: It does not add up

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It does not add up

At some point, purchasing in large quantities does not get you a lower price. I mean, is making 2 million of a given round really cheaper per round than 1 million, or even half a million? And is the Resident the first guy smart enough to figure this out? Why didn't the others know about this?

Second, the fact they use "as many as" 15 million rounds on training each year does not explain why the order is for hollow points, which are not typically used on the range, nor why they need (assuming the balance of it is for ICE and DHS use is a full 15 million) 750/15 = 50 years worth of ammunition over the next five years- if they never make another purchase.

So at a minimum, if you believe their story, even though we are bumping up against the debt ceiling and we are borrowing almost half of every dollar fedgov spends, they feel like NOW IS THE TIME they want to place on their shelves the training ammo they will be using in the year 2060!

I was also amused because it ends by saying "Jones the talk-show host did not immediately respond to requests for comment." Yeah, that really sounds like Alex Jones.

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