Comment: The numbers don't add up

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The numbers don't add up

First, I agree with the sentiment of the other posters. I have little faith in our current government representatives. With that being said, let's still work on getting real arguments organized so that we can continue our important work to bring additional people into the liberty camp. This takes pointing out why the reasons the government is giving regarding what they are using these bullets for don't make sense.

In the explanation of why the government has purchased so many bullets, Peggy Dixon, (spokeswoman for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Ga) and her numbers don't add up.

She states that Homeland Security uses 15 M rounds per year and a 5 year contract would be 75 M (not the 750 M) she later states.

Her numbers for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are too non-specific to have any meaning. She states that ICE "ammunition requests in the last year included:" but does not state for how many years this request would take to use up. If this is for a single year, that would mean each of the 70,000 agents use a total of 6,429 bullets per year.

For anybody who knows more about ICE and their training procedures:
1) the 70,000 agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, are every one of these people training to use firearms? Does that number also include desk personnel who are not issued a gun?
2) Even if 70,000 is the number of agents who train with a weapon every year, the average number of bullets each agent would have to fire each year is 6,429. Is this a reasonable number for training? For May 17 Money Bomb!