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"There is an entire thread whining about content"

Gotta love your complete obscuring of the discussion. ...and your hypocrisy.

You state this, not here where it relates to the topic but over on another of YOUR POSTS as a bump. You are nothing but a vote hound. You didn't want to bump this one and give it more attention because you were gunning for your other post to get the attention. That was even the second self-bump (AGAINST THE RULES) for your own content. Funny that you can whine about others making valid statements that their posts get lost when it is you posting and then bumping your stuff that causes it.

Maybe you should face the fact that no one was interested in your post and it got lost. Oh, sorry, I forgot. You don't have to play by the rules like others with the humility to follow them. Perhaps some others should chime in and voice their opinion: Should bump/vote hounds be able to make the DP what they want or should everyone simply follow the rules and see where it naturally leads?