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Article fixed for errors:

If you fool with Mother Nature, she’ll most likely fool with you — usually in very unpleasant ways.

Monsanto, the biotech [business], keeps rediscovering this reality, but never seems to learn from it. For more than a decade, it has [freely sold] its genetically altered corn and soybean seeds [to] American farmers. Called “Roundup Ready,” the seeds have had their genes altered specifically so the resulting corn plants and soybeans can tolerate heavier doses of an herbicide called “Roundup.” Who makes this weed killer? Monsanto — so its [optimized technologically advanced seeds] are really [designed to work best with the company's other products, much like most companies i.e. Apple, etc.].

But Roundup kills those pesky weeds, so farmers gain, right?

[Right. About 99.9% of the time.]