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Comment: There Are Excellent Reasons

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There Are Excellent Reasons

Having assessed the continual in-your-face Rand-worship, I see it as being directly akin to the phenomenon surrounding the NRA, a quisling organization.

The NRA has diligently and deliberately worked hand-in-hand with government, since the early 1900s, to morph Amendment II and its absolute prohibition on government from infringing on the right to keep and bear arms, into a government regulated, government controlled, firearms, people, place, and ammo restricted 'privilege'.

The NRA sycophants and slack-jawed adoring 'faithful' routinely ignore, rationalize, justify and ultimately actively support this traitorous organization, generally making claims, when confronted with information and fact that the NRA operates opposite to Amendment II, that although they 'do some things I don't like' they 'have to do so' to have influence. (relate to Rand only playing along with the GOP-establishment to gain power and influence, or Rand playing a three-dimensional chess-game to fool the GOP-establishment)

I hear ridiculous crap such as that we would 'have no gun-rights' if it were not for the NRA and that their 'compromises' and betrayals of fundamental liberty are 'necessary to keep legislation from being even worse'.

Steaming, stinking hog-schite.

The NRA has led a massive percentage of america's gun-owning lemmings into accepting and yes, even agreeing with increasing government infringement on a fundamental, constitutionally enumerated liberty, which is crystal-clear in its text and intent to be an absolute prohibition on government from infringing upon it.

Personally, I am puke-sick of the lot of you...Cult of Rand acolytes and ignoramus NRA-zombies.......Two fucked-up peas in the same sick, twisted, 'faithful' pod.

Compromising, willingly eroding liberty, slack-jawed, drooling non-principled gerbils, busily gnawing away at the foundations of the Constitution, the Republic and of Liberty itself.

This is classic 'fundamental principle' vs. foolish, trusting willful-ignorance, faith and cult-like sycophancy.

A person or an organization can do certain agreeable things and yet often knowingly facilitate and knowingly participate in a larger evil and a greater plan than the specific agreeable action indicates.