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The conjob gave the central

The conjob gave the central government-empire the direct power to affect, with violence, the individual "citizens" [slaves] within the "united states." It radically increased the power of the central government, which was already far too powerful and corrupt involved in distributing seized lands in the west to political favorites and political speculation in the "national debt" it allowed the empire to create. It established additionally the common law violation of the right of jury trial in all civil cases, conscription, eminent domain [theft], standing armies [to enforce the direct theft-taxation] and much more, almost all of which the anti-federalists pointed out and explained that the BOR couldn't rectify, especially after their efforts there were watered down by compromise with the federalist scumbags. And none of it was necessary. The people defeated the British empire without any of it. The politicians the brainwashed call the "founding fathers" were mostly doing a lot of irrelevant talking and writing, pretending to be important, while the real fight occurred elsewhere, conducted by individuals and militias. When they did fight, it was incompetent, retarded and unnecessary line-em-up and take turns shooting European top-down military style. Washington only got a lot of people killed and slowed down the victory. Long live General Charles Lee!

"Show me the government that does not infringe upon anyone's rights, and I will no longer call myself an anarchist." ~Jacob Halbrooks