Comment: It Is Not...

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It Is Not...

...about safety, about the chillins, about 'reasonable laws', is and at its core always has been about disarmament of the people.

Sadly, the useful idiots, societal-collectivists and others, have been willing to be played and used as tools in the relentless drive to disarm the people.

Fact is, people had better have the epiphany, real soon, that armed resistance is all but certain to be the only choice left to those who would be free, aside from totalitarianism.

The staged clown-circus of the 'gun-rights' battle is but a prelude to this 'most likely' ultimate choice.

The question is, are you going to submit, or resist by force of arms.

If you are a 'peace and love' kinda guy who is horrified at the concept of using 'force', then you will most likely end up as fertilizer at the bottom of a government slit-trench, if things continue to progress as they clearly are heading.

Time to stand up and openly proclaim that we will NOT be disarmed and we WILL resist, UNLESS government backs off. This, we hope, will have the desired effect of stopping the otherwise inevitable.

Sadly, with the NRA and the 'lets compromise and work within the process' crowd working their ills, the likelihood of sufficient numbers actually making such a stance is between zero and none.