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Interesting statement..

'If he starts to sound more like a libertarian after he gets nominated then we know for sure what game he was playing.'

Maybe that kind of strategy could bring the Left to his side. Democrats agree with parts of Libertarianism.

It is going to be an interesting next few years. Lets hope that Rove loses more seats and we gain more seats in 14. 3 election losses in a row and the GOP may close the door on Rove.

The real political fight in the GOP will be between Rove and Rand. If Rand continues to spread his message and convinces party regulars, he can win a national election.

This is coming together nicely. I cant wait to see what Ron Pauls next move is. It seems as though we have a perfect team. Ron Paul can do what ever the hell he wants because he is out of Congress. Rand Paul can play the political game. Its a good position for our movement to be in.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul