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Comment: well, the fact is that . . .

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well, the fact is that . . .

if libertarian ideas can be applied (principally at the local level)--

*we* need to know what is going on--

and if that includes local events that appear to be 'wacky'--such as sheriffs getting out of control, etc.--

then the information is needed.

Liberty cannot operate within a knowledge vacuum--

No, I don't think the DP is getting 'wackier', but then I might be considered one of the 'wack' jobs--!

I come on here for information; I like to know what is going on; I CARE that oathkeepers can't have a voice in Colorado. I care that the cadets are being told that 'patriots' are 'terrorists'--

I honestly don't feel comfortable with people who try to 'sweet these things under the rug'--

and, no, I didn't downvote you (I didn't upvote you either)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--