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Who is 'We'?

Ron Paul...Rand Paul...Ron Paul...Rand Paul...Ron Paul...Rand Paul...and on and on and on.

I am not much of a joiner or herd-beast, so if you do not mind, I will decline to be a part of anyone's 'movement'.

This is and always has been about fundamental Individual Liberty and a restoration of the Republic and the Constitution. It has NEVER been about 'a man', for me, but obviously it is and has been for droves, thus the 'cult' references.

Perhaps 'you' are not, but there are a plethora of examples that suggest otherwise, for others.

My long-traveled path and that of Dr. Paul merely converged at one point. Now he has moved on and I continue my path, as will he. At this time, Rand Paul isn't on it. Time will tell if we ever converge for a portion of this quest, or not.

I will simply assess, evaluate and comment as I see fit, regardless of your likes and dislikes.

It always cracks me up to see the often angry, heated or frenetic responses to simple assessment and/or criticism outside the paradigm de jour.

Enjoy your day.