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yes, this could be a good position

or this could be recipe for disappointment. Time shall tell. Voting for sanctions is very big deal and should not just be brushed aside as something we can look passed. Endorsing someone who is in favour of sanctions places our principals in question which is not going to bring more people to our cause. Example. The democrats railed against Bush for war crimes. Rightfully so....Now that Obama is basically the same kind of tyrant, or worse not a word from most Democrats. It's not that they don;t know about it. Most dems i talk to know about Obama's drone killings. They just choose to be ok with that because they believe obama is doing good things in other areas. This was a mistake. They lost a lot of credibility and their party shirking is proof of this. The same reasons the GOP is shrinking, they keep going against their supposed principals. You will notice obama didn't get nearly as many votes the last time round. The only reason he won was because the GOP is an even worse disgrace and Obama has the welfare votes bought and paid for with OP money.