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First NRA-Quisling Org Post

The NRA supported The Federal Firearms Act of 1938, which
regulates interstate and foreign commerce in firearms and pistol, revolver ammunition.

The NRA supported legislation to amend the "Federal Firearms Act"
in regard to handguns when it was introduced in August, 1963.

In 1965, the NRA continued its support of an expansion of the above
legislation to include rifles and shotguns, as well as handguns.

Additionally the NRA supported the regulation of the movement of
handguns in interstate and foreign commerce by:
1. Requiring a sworn statement, containing certain information,
from the purchaser to the seller for the receipt of a handgun in
interstate commerce;
2. Providing for notification of local police of prospective sales;
3. Requiring an additional 7-day waiting period by the seller after
receipt of acknowledgment of notification to local police;
4. Prescribing a minimum age of 21 for obtaining a license to sell
firearms and increasing the license fees;
5. Providing for written notification by manufacturer or dealer to
carrier that a firearm is being shipped in interstate commerce, and;
6. Increasing penalties for violation.

NRA HELPED WRITE the 1986 federal law prohibiting the manufacture
and importation of "armor piercing ammunition" adopted standards.


The NRA has been hard at work, over the last few years, turning a
RIGHT (guaranteed by our constitution) into a revocable PRIVILEGE.
Many pro-gun people commend them for this. Others see it for what
it really is.

The second amendment states. "The right of the people to keep and
BEAR arms" It doesn't say "to keep and display arms" or "to keep
and hide arms" or "to keep and disassemble and lock up your arms"
or "to keep and use arms" it says "to keep and BEAR arms" Look it
up in the dictionary. To "bear something" means to CARRY it. Any
attempt at "interpreting" the meaning of this, is clearly an anti-
gun tactic.


"Project EXILE" IS the NRA's very own project. NRA'S project (EXILE) supports ALL UNconstitutional gun laws. Handgun Control Inc. supports it TOO. NRA-ILA Executive Director James Jay Baker commented, "I'm glad that the president has finally agreed with the NRA that enforcing federal firearms laws makes sense. We've been pushing for more enforcement of existing laws.


Then NRA Executive Vice President Wayne R. LaPierre, Jr., made
these damaging statements during his nationally televised speech at
the Denver NRA Members Meeting May 1, 1999. "First, we believe in
absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That
means no guns in America's schools, period ... with the rare
exception of law enforcement officers or trained security personnel.

All across the country, school boards and state legislators started
doing precisely what LaPierre suggested: shutting down school
riflery programs, prohibiting historical firearms displays,
forbidding hunter safety training with unloaded guns, and banning
gun possession by teachers and other adults with carry licenses. A
good example of the long range implications of what LaPierre
endorsed back then, is the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

Making schools a "gun free zone" where lunatics can murder with
impunity, was his response to the Columbine shootings? What
happened to advocating responsible carry, by responsible citizens???


LaPierre also blessed gun show background checks by saying: "We
will consider instant checks at gun shows when, and only when, this
Administration stops (charging for NICS
checks) and stops illegally compiling the records of millions of
lawful gun buyers."

The next day President Charlton Heston flatly said on ABC "This
Week" that he was "in favor of" gun show background checks. Within
weeks, bills for gun show background checks - and "youth gun
access" bans - had been submitted in both houses of Congress!


First amendment rights?
Was it the National Rifle Association that had ONE OF IT'S OWN
MEMBERS, a pro-gun activist, ARRESTED at its national convention
on, April 27, 2003 in Orlando, Florida for handing out PRO-gun
freedom literature from an organization known as the Free State
Project, Inc. The unlucky NRA member was Timothy Condon, a Marine
Corps Vietnam veteran and Director of Member Services for the
rapidly growing Free State Project.


It was NRA PRESIDENT Dr. C.R. (Pink) Gutermuth, who saw "no problem
with gun registration," and was head of the Wildlife Management
Institute, who became NRA President in 1973.

Part of the problem began during the unlamented regime of former
Executive Vice President Warren Cassidy. NRA lobbyists under
Cassidy stopped opposing gun control bills and started offering NRA-
approved versions of the same legislation. The NRA started WRITING

Politicians were lobbying their colleagues for the so-called
"instant check" These pro-gunners were pushing a gun control bill
that the NRA was strongly supporting.

Jim Baker of the NRA was quoted by USA Today on October 26, 1993 as
saying: "We already support 65% of the Brady bill, because it moves
to an instant check, which is WHAT WE WANT."

NRA spokesman Bill McIntrye said that the instant background check
also in the bill "will be a victory for gun owners.

From NRA Board member Tanya Metaksa.
I think this agreement was a victory for those who see flaws in the
current bill. This is a much different Brady bill. This bill
sunsets into what we've been supporting for several years [the
instant check]. If you look at it in the long range, IT'S OUR BILL
in five years.


Recently the NRA tried to derail a case in Washington DC. The
"Parker v. District of Columbia" case. First by trying to have the
case consolidated with NRA controlled litigation, which would have
drug this case out for YEARS. When that failed, the NRA got behind,
and was pushing for the "DC Personal Protection Act" bill, which
would, in effect, remove the law that the "Parker v. District of
Columbia" case was based upon. Thereby preventing the "Parker v.
District of Columbia" case from going before the supreme court.

Why would they try to derail a case that ultimately DID overturned
a gun ban, and potentially settle the long disputed "individual
right v. the right of the militia" to keep and bear arms? Because
they said it was "too good" and might actually make it before the
supreme court? A supreme court (considering the make up of it at
present) where we had the best chance of them handing down a
favorable ruling, than we have had in decades. With the very real
potential, of the democrats gaining control in the next election
(thereby giving them the opportunity to choose the next judges) if
not now, WHEN?


Now we come to the Veterans Disarmament Act. H.R. 2640
Just looking at who was sponsoring/co-sponsoring this bill. Why was
the NRA siding WITH the Brady bunch, Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer,
McCarthy, etc. When every PRO-gun organization was against it,
along with veterans organizations. Many members wanted to know WHY.
To my knowledge, the NRA never did answer these inquires.

Nevermind the far reaching implications, with the potential of
opening a Pandora's box, concerning the mental health issue
regarding veterans, as well as anyone else that has seen some kind
of mental issue. (children diagnosed with ADD? etc). You NO LONGER
have to have a court judge you adjudicated, now ANY authorized
person can take your rights away. Above all, the UNconstitutional
NICS check should not be EXPANDED upon, in the first place.


Lets not forget the NRA BOARD MEMBER (Joaquin Jackson) who
indicated that assault rifles should only be in the hands of the
military and/or law enforcement. But since they ARE legal for
civilians to own, then civilians should be limited to 5 round

And I quote.....
I think these assault weapons basically need to be in the hands of
the military and they need to be in the hands of the police, but
uh, as far as assault weapons to a civilian, it's alright if you
got that magazine capacity down to five.
.....end quote


Everyone was screaming, "Where is the NRA" when guns were being
confiscated. Only AFTER the Second Amendment Foundation filed suit
did the NRA jump in. Then after a favorable court decision, the NRA
was sure proud of what they did. Follow up announcements from the
NRA taking ALL of the credit, they seemed to LEAVE OUT the fact
that the Second Amendment Foundation was involved at all. Hmmmm.....


While reading the following, keep in mind that former NRA board
member Russ Howard, RESIGNED from the board. His words, "In the
past 5 years I've become increasingly concerned over NRA's penchant
for giving UNDESERVED grades to politicians who TRAMPLE on the 2nd

Flores is an anti-gun Republican who voted FOR the Los Angeles
Assault Rifle Ban. Harman is an anti- gun Democrat who got an "A"
rating from the NRA. Why an "A" rating? She was ANTI-GUN!!! Who
later said that she supports the assault weapon ban.

Reed was an anti-gun C-rated Republican Handgun Control Inc. member
who had been mayor of Santa Monica. Reed who should have been an
"F". Freidman was an F-rated incumbent Democrat who authored many
anti-gun bills

TRICIA HUNTER: Hunter was state senator whose bid to retain office
was based on high-profile attacks on "killer assault rifles". She
was rated "A-" by the NRA.

Howard Dean got an A+ from the NRA while governor, he supported the
assault weapons ban and Brady bill.

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA). Did not vote when needed, but was
helped by the NRA come re-election.

Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA) voted FOR the brady bill (3 times) then
was helped by the NRA come re-election.

Congressman Elton Gallegly -- voted FOR the Brady bill and the
assault weapon ban and got an A-, and an endorsement. NRA's Terry
O'Grady said, 'Gallegly voted against us on Brady and the Crime
Bill, but he's always been with us before. We've decided to forgive
him, give him an A- and endorse him. SAY WHAT?

In Virginia, 15 legislators were given A ratings after they voted
FOR both the one-gun-a-month ban AND the shotgun ban. 41
legislators who voted for either or both bans got A ratings. 7 got
exceptional, "above the call of duty" ratings.

In North Carolina, some districts have two senators. In the '94
elections, District 20 was represented by Ted Kaplan and Marvin
Ward. Both favored assault weapon bans, handgun registration, and a
one-gun-a-month ban. Their challengers were solid pro-gunners Ham
Horton and Mark McDaniels (who fought tooth and nail for CCW).
Nevertheless, ILA upgraded both anti-gun incumbents to "A" (one was
initially a C), endorsed them, and supported them by mailing orange
alert cards to NRA members in their district. Kaplan and Ward lost
anyway, as incensed local groups like Grass Roots NC broke ranks
with ILA and helped elect the pro-gun challengers.

In NC in 1995, Senator Fountain Odom betrayed the 2nd Amendment by
gutting the CCW bill in his subcommittee. The bill had come over in
more or less tolerable format from the house. Odom fixed it so that
only a few police instructors could give the mandatory training.
NRA instructors were prohibited. He also worked to move un-
permitted CCW from a misdemeanor to a felony, prohibit CCW with any
alcohol "remaining" in the body, prohibit CCW in financial
institutions, mandate that all training be fully repeated for each
renewal, and gut statewide preemption. Limited preemption was
restored in the full judiciary committee, but Odom betrayed us
again, fixing it so CCW could be prohibited in any "park". Later on
the floor, to give ILA cover, Odom amended the training section to
allow NRA instructors to do the training. In 1996, Tanya Metaksa
gave Odom an A, an endorsement, and an orange ALERT postcard
mailing telling NRA members, "Senator Odom has demonstrated his
commitment to our right to self-defense...Here's how you can help
re-elect Fountain Odom -- a dedicated supporter of your Second
Amendment rights. Help the campaign...make a contribution...spread
the word to family, friends, and fellow gun owners... Sincerely,
Tanya K. Metaksa." Odom's still trampling on our rights. Now he's
pushing for a CCW liability law.

In Virginia in 1996, extreme "F" rated gun grabber Congressman Jim
Moran faced "A" rated, NRA life member John Otey. The American
Rifleman carried the following message: "THIS IS YOUR OFFICIAL PRO-
NO endorsement for an A rated NRA life member challenging an F-
rated gun grabber???

In Virginia, 3 congressmen who voted many times against gun rights
and supported the Lautenberg ban, kept their A+ ratings (part of a
large club of turncoat A and A+ politicians). Tom Davis got an A
after voicing support for Brady and the assault weapon ban and
orchestrating a unanimous vote of support for the one-gun-a-month
ban as a Fairfax County Supervisor.

In Pennsylvania (1993), then Republican Minority Whip Matt Ryan
INTRODUCED an assault rifle ban. In 1994, he kept his A+ rating.

In 2006, the NRA rated Ron Paul (arguably the MOST constitutional
representative we have in office) with a "B" because he did not
follow along in lock step, when the NRA endorsed (what Ron Paul
saw) as an UNconstitutional bill. One that the NRA supported.
Instead, they endorsed his UNproved, UNtested, DEMOCRATIC opponent.


John Dingell?
The NRA's Golden Boy? The former NRA Director? The same guy who
voted in favor of the 1994 "Assault" weapons ban and then resigned
from the Board of Directors the day after the vote? The same
Dingell who received the NRA's Harlon B. Carter Award, despite
voting FOR an outright gun BAN? The same Dingell that coined the
term "jack-booted thugs" when referring to the BATF? THAT Dingell?

NRA Board of Directors member Larry Craig, was one of the co-
sponsors of this bill, "Our Lady of Peace Act" Which was introduced
by Caroline McCarthy, and supported by Chuck Schumer along with the
usual band of anti Second Amendment slime like, Ted Kennedy,
Blanche Lincoln and Richard Durbin.
Don't know what it is/was? Look it up.

Can't forget the help we got from the NRA. In the "Protection of
Lawful Commerce in Arms Act" Not debating, if setting this kind of
precedent with legislation, protecting industries, is right. Not
debating whether the industry needed this protection. The point
here is, that there was a CLEAN bill (800) on the floor, AT THE
SAME TIME. Everyone agrees that either bill (397 or 800) would pass
through the senate, with no problem. So it depended on the house.
There are always more votes than there are co-sponsors of a bill.
S. Bill 800 had over 250 signed on as co-sponsors. MORE than enough
to pass it, CLEAN. Why did the NRA CHOOSE to back the anti-gun
laden bill, when there was a CLEAN alternative? For a true PRO-gun
advocate, this was a no brainer.

The NRA awarded Assemblyman Rod Wright its "Defender of Freedom"
Award. This is the same Rod Wright who supported UNconstitutional
limits on firearms purchases and background checks. This is the
same Rod Wright who authored a bill to increase licensing fees from
$3 to up to $100. Never mind the absurdity of bilking peaceable
citizens of hundreds of dollars for making a constitutionally
protected purchase. This champion of "freedom" apparently thinks
it's perfectly acceptable to license and charge Americans for
exercising their rights. The NRA's "Defender of Freedom" in 2001
voted against gun owners 62 percent of the time

Deborah Danuski, a Democrat from Lisbon, was endorsed by the anti-
handgun group, while also receiving an "A-" from the NRA on its
report card of candidates. As a matter of fact, in Maine, both the
NRA and Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence supported 18 of the
same candidates!

In Colorado, where the NRA supported Senator Wayne Allard for
office, and even boosted his pro-gun lobby contributions to $37,000
since 1990, Allard stated flatly that he would support federal
legislation requiring gun registration for private gun sales at gun
shows. Is a legislator who wants to expand gun registration someone
who stands up for the rights of gun owners?

From Virginia, where the NRA Political Victory Fund touted the pro-
gun "accomplishments" of Delegate Jack Rollison. This is the same
Rollison who in a press release had the unmitigated gall to paint
Gun Owners of America and the Virginia Citizens Defense League, who
have endorsed his opponent Jeff Frederick, as extremists and
"milita-esque" organizations. This is the same Jack Rollison who
wants to ban your right to self-defense in any restaurant that
happens to sell liquor. And this is the same Jack Rollison who
voted correctly on only two out of eight issues important to
Virginia gun owners.

The NRA also gave their "Defender of Freedom Award" to one Kevin
Mannix, who ran for governor here in 2002. In 1999 Mannix was the
architect of the worst piece of gun control legislation in 10
years, in the Oregon House.