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Comment: Nice to see Adam dressed

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Nice to see Adam dressed

The "Howard Stern" set rip off he should ditch, and get a better connection for his quest and viewers.

Then Adam wants to be a funny guy and cuts off the guest's answer,, begins a new queston.. 10:00 Kinsella gives good answers

Good qestion by Adam follows, and Kinsella says Ron pPaul is ripping off his supporters. There's a bombshell.

Kinsella explains that the problem isn't RON PAUL, but the law, being the governemnt's involvment. "extortation of property"

RP using trademark law to violate freedom of speach.

Adam insults grassroots calls them zombies.. need to look at issues.

Kinsella thinks RP will lose.

Adam interupts again.. and has his "Stern Boys" ask questions, so Adam can interupt.. lame question and Adam' going to answer.. Kinsella is schooling Adam, but Adam must have other ideas than being schooled.

Kinsella suggests give Ron Paul the domain and have nothing to do with him.. that would hurt.

Kisella suggests Ron Paul be the messanger and come out against patent, copywrite and trademark laws..

Thank you Adam for the interview.