Comment: Anti-science?

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Hmm - Anti-science - or anti big profits under the guise of science.

I am not a fan of some guy that has been on this earth 50 years screwing with something that has taken thousands/millions of years for nature to do. Modern science, imho, upon retrospect in the future, will be looked upon as dangerous and irresponsible(look no further than the damage the great discovery of nuclear fission)

Seems the more they "know and discover" the worse things get.

Seems most of today's science is spent with one half of scientists trying to find cures to the great advancements made by the other half.

So far we have only shifted the balance just enough to cause long term health problems, but I have no worries that they will soon make a mistake and cause very short term problems. Problems that will cause devastation faster than the other half can keep up.