Comment: Why is it valid?

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Why is it valid?

There is nothing logically valid about your deference to 'baby' Doc Paul...

My love for the USA and the constitution is what drives my hatred for AIPAC rule, the CIA has a name for it, it's called 'BLOWBACK'...

I won't accept AIPAC victory without a fight, ever, anyone who, whether inadvertently or by design furthers the agenda of AIPAC is just in the way of the restoration of our Republic that I am committed to.

Rand has his good strong points TO BE SURE like his opposition to Brennan, to me that is a VERY GOOD thing and it weakens AIPAC in my opinion, his opposition to Hagel on the other hand, still my opinion, he is strengthening AIPAC and it's GOP lackeys, so here 'baby' Doc is only batting .500, will that cost him my vote in 2016? Not a deal breaker, Rand can still EARN my support, but he has to openly oppose AIPAC or I will vote for someone who does.

Being committed to Rand 'baby' doc Paul this soon after the last election seems more than a bit 'premature'(sorry couldn't resist the baby metaphor lol) considering he has barely any record of his own to stand on.