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Comment: First about liking your corporations. LOST

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First about liking your corporations. LOST

If your still loving your corps you just dont get it and Its not going to be effective sharing solutions to avoid corporations and their goods. You think you have to find these things in corps.

Do you understand why the corps and their goods are a big part of the problem?

They hide real ownership and deflect responsibility. Example A corporation can be a mass murdering genocidal entity yet the real owners who decided the genocide agenda walk with impunity hiding their true identities.

So to take it one step further, one family has amassed most of the wealth power and control of humanity. Yet most humans do not know this because the ownership is hidden under several layers of corporate entities. They gain their wealth thru counterfit, false debt, extorting, wars, and genocides but hide it so hunaity never holds them responsible. Yet you just love your coporate relationships while they posion you and kill your children.

like a dog licking the hands of the master who beats you and biting the hand of the person who seeks to free you.