Comment: Hagel is no dove? Ron Paul isn't a DOVE either...

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Hagel is no dove? Ron Paul isn't a DOVE either...

Ron Paul isn't an isolationist though by voicing concerns about "pre-emptive" war and other novel neo-con concepts he was labeled an non-interventionist: and worse by establishment Republicans and the Media.

Hagel is the closest thing we've seen to a Republican with a Ron Paul like non-aggressive foreign policy... why do you and Rand Paul suddenly believe the "lies & innuendo" that are being used to dis-credit Hagel. We've seen this before on DailyPaul and we should be fully immune.

Justin Raimondo wrote an essay on a couple of weeks ago supporting Hagel for the simple reason that Hagel's appointment to run the DOD is a direct repudiation of the neo-con's and their influence in Washington.

In some ways, Rand has stopped the wooden stake frombeing driven into the NEOCON chest where their heart would be if they had one.