Comment: Nice selective editing.

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Nice selective editing.

Yeah, a guy who was framed would leave them alive. He did not even tie them up until she tried to run away. He assured them over and over he would not hurt them. A guy who was a crazed murderer would have killed them, and made sure they were dead, and unable to call the police.

Have you ever tried to blow a whistle on corruption? My "success" story was peanuts - a doctor who just could not stay sober and would not even consider trying, so I turned him in after I saw him snorting coke while he was on call with my own eyes. It was nothing, no big deal. Just a little 2 doctor practice in Hicksville, USA. I wound up in hiding for a couple days. People get ANGRY when you tell them their world is not what they thought it was, and they will fall for their doctors like they are clergy.

Find me any form of witness to a murder committed by Dorner, I have tried and I cannot. Now, I am not counting the cop that died in the shootout, but by the time the cops have surrounded you and - giving Dorner the benefit of the doubt for a moment - you are staring down the barrels of a hundred guns held by people you just tried to expose for corruption... I consider that one a possible case of "self defense."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.