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It's valid because

let's say Hagel is invested with Bechtel, and Haliburton actaully has a better logistic, security and intel force to do a better job, but Hagel is more comcerned for his investments, and the Deomocrats that put him on office, than the Republicans he left behind when he became an investor in Bechtel. It's the American people who would suffer from the losses, while Bechtel rolls in the gold from insurance and government bailouts as spoils.

I get it you don't like Rand. Your insults reflect on you, not Rand.

There are many PACs. AIPAC is not the biggest, the strongest or the most corrupt. AIPAC does get MSM attention, and it attracts more people who hate it than love it. So, bashing AIPAC does not stop AIPAC but perpetuates AIPAC who feeds off the hate.