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I agree with you, Josf

I have tried to learn this stuff, and I am no dummy. There is so much conflicting information, and so much condescending crap from those who claim to "know" how to work this system...
One time I saw one post where a person laid it out, step by step. You walk in, you challenge jurisdiction and they told you exactly what to say. Carl Miller tells you how to go into court and use the Constitution. But all the stuff on Admiralty and Common Law seems to lead to endless court battles where the courts rule against them and they claim it is a battle for this technicality or that one.
Liberty, for me, is not about spending the rest of my life in crooked courts begging for my rights. If this is true and legitimate, it should be something an average person can use. What these people do is nearly incomprehensible, and when asked to put it simply, they can't. But they will imply you are an idiot for not doing what they do, even though they can't explain what they do effectively.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: