Comment: He didn't NEED to kill the housekeeping couple.

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He didn't NEED to kill the housekeeping couple.

Your deductions are way off.

According to the official story, Dorner said he was going after specific targets. What's so impossible about someone having a vendetta and sparing people who aren't part of that vendetta? A person can be at war with certain factions of society (like cops) and on peaceable terms with others. They can also make their own decisions about who they "need" to kill, and who they don't, based on personal whims, criteria, and whatnot.

But, from what I've seen of your argumentation across the years, I know you're probably incapable of seeing my point here. You tend to think anyone who points out the flaws in your logic must subscribe to the official stories you are challenging. Which is just a nuisance to contend with, and maybe that's why you get so much "air time." People don't feel like wasting time correcting all your false assumptions.