Comment: I think this goes back to that whole

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I think this goes back to that whole

make the lie so big they HAVE to believe it.
I mean, it is almost unfathomable to have them purchase that kind of ammunition. Common sense tells you they are clearly prepping for major conflict. However, the first things people think is "that can't happen here" - so it is easily dismissed - even though the numbers don't even come close to adding up.

1. They are missing a few zeros from billion to million
2. If the DHS uses 15 million rounds of ammunition a year - that is 41000 rounds a DAY being used(someone better let the DEP know about all the pollution)
3. Assuming the training facility is open 365 days a year - that means they have 200 agents a day shooting. Everyday.

So here is the million dollar question?
If we have 70000 agents a year practicing there - how does that compare to say - the Marine Corp.

The Marine corp is only about 200,000 total. Of that - only about 1/3 are "infantry"(or about 65000) - the rest are adim and air wing.

So to sum this up:
We have a 100 year supply of training ammo(1.6B divided by 15m) being ordered for an agency that is training more people in combat than the Marine Corp.

We are fucked - plain and simple - to deny that is to actually believe that train is taking you away from the war zone for your own good.