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Catholic Mexican smoker.

Well, I guess we could become judgmental, and see you in a bad way. I was raised Catholic, but found it boring. We stopped going after I fainted in church, one Sunday. As a young adult, I became a born again, charismatic Christian. Funny thing is, they have the same base values of the Catholic church. I discovered there is a group of Catholics that actually "speak in tongues"!

My, identical, twin brother, and I, are non-smokers. But, my parents, my younger sister and both of our wives, smoke! As a person who has seen the damage of smoking, up close, I worry about them, every day. But, I cannot live their lives. I cannot nag at them, either. That is not very loving (Christian). I did not nag at my patients, who smoked, either!

Now, about the Mexican part.....

I was privileged to have one grandmother that was active and vibrant in her old age. She was divorced from my grandpa. She was a devout Catholic and would not remarry. When my grandpa had a fall, he was hospitalized with an intra-cerebral hemorrhage. This is common among alcoholics. He ended up dying in the hospital. Maybe he was allowed to go into alcohol withdrawal and delirium tremens (DTs), which is deadly, to begin with. Added to his injury, it could have easily caused his death at 65 years of age. He had very little gray hair, considering how he had tortured his body.

Grandma, at 82 years of age, remarried. His name was grandpa Chavez! He spoke English and Spanish, fluently. Everyone that knew him loved him, and said he was a gentle man! Grandma had the happiest days of her life, after that marriage, according to her! Too bad, a year after they were married, she was found to have a stomach tumor. She told everyone that God had blessed her with the most wonderful man, she ever knew, before she left this earth!

Being a Christian, I became very interested in Biblical things. I read the Bible through, once. And, I studied it, as well. I found that the teachings of the trinity was to follow Jesus' commandments. Which, in the end, made one follow all ten of those given to us by Moses. "Love your God above all, then love your neighbor as yourself". I guess that means not to be judgmental (judge not!) I never would hurt myself, intentionally. So, I guess that is something I cannot do to others!(Golden rule?) So, there is at least one person, here, that won't judge you because you are as "Catholic Mexican Smoker"! I would have to be insane, not to follow God's rules.

May your days be full of joy!