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Great list

You already listed most of the words and terms I thought of.

"Experts." News stories often say "Experts say blah blah blah" without mentioning names or proof of expertise. Or people with intelligent, but dissenting views are written off out of hand because they're out of line with establishment "experts" who hold a degree in medicine or poli-science or whatever.

Women's Liberation = enslavement of women. Women used to have the option of staying home and raising/homeschooling the kids. Govt. became addicted to the extra income taxes flowing in from female workers and now it's nearly impossible to rase a family without both parents working.

Feminism = erasure of difference between masculine and feminine. Feminism tends to be related to a subordination of traditional female roles and characteristics (wife, mother, childrearing, nurturing, gentleness, etc) to the masculine or a-sexual (women in the military, lesbianism, rejection of marriage and motherhood).