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Comment: She was TARP. She Watched Over Hank "the TARP" Paulson.

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She was TARP. She Watched Over Hank "the TARP" Paulson.

"When was the last time you took a Wall Street bank to trial?" - >b? Elisabeth Warren, Senator, bank regulation hearing, 2013

Asking hard questions is well and good. Odd. After several mumbled regulatory responses, without further fanfare, archaeological expeditions commenced? The regulators hadn't the foggiest recollection of taking a Wall Street Bank to trial.

Elisabeth Warren was appointed as a consumer credit advocate during Turbo Timmy's play time. During the time Hank "The TARP" Paulson, Tresaury Secretary & Turbo Timmy "I am not a regulator" Regulator should have been doing time. Hard time.

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