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I don't

I don't mean he was actually a raving loon. I mean he was evil and doing very evil things. Think about this... in this man's "personal ethos" (as he said many times in his manifesto) it was wrong to call someone a nigger or to lie about someone, but it was ok to KILL people who lie. That is evil. He did evil things that sprung from his evil heart. I know some people have seen too many movies or are infected with a sort of "I can decide what is right and wrong for myself" sort of mentality that the modern liberal has injected into society, but the reality is that IF right and wrong, ethics exist, they exist objectively. They exist objectively or not at all. If not at all, then lying about this officer wasn't wrong, any more than his killing. If they do exist objectively then the reality is that the people who lied about him did wrong/evil and he did as well. There is no good guy here.