Comment: It's REALLY simple.

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It's REALLY simple.

My point was to imply that Rand's apparent alignment with NeoCons is so far only that, apparent. I've seen no evidence that Rand opposes Hagel's nomination as the NeoCons might. Rand is simply not ready to approve the nomination until Hagel addresses Rand's questions. Hagel has not sufficiently done so. Why bother to pretend engaging an appointment process if it is not actually engaged and taken seriously. What I like best about Rand [and his father] is that he hasn't yet been lulled into the mindset in which one might see Senate proceedings as pageantry. Rand doesn't oppose Hagel, nor does he support him. Rand's holding out until Hagel answeres his damed questions. He appears to be the only undecided man left in the country. Raimondo, McCain, and other stalwarts decided long before the approval process. The weight of close decisions often falls on the likes of Rand, those that are patient and not hasty in judgement. We are not witnessing a cookie cutter or a turncoat. We are witnessing the thoroughness of someone who takes his job seriously.