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How did you get back from the

How did you get back from the Urals so fast? I mean, you wouldn't engage in wild speculation about events that you have no firsthand knowledge of, would you? Cuz I mean to tell you that if you know for an ABSOLUTE FACT that it was a rock, well then that would make exactly one person on Earth who knows the truth of the matter. But, alas, I suspect you weren't in the Urals this morning and you are declaring it to be a rock because that is what seems plausible to you. And in doing so, you have closed your mind to the possibilities that it wasn't a rock. Well, I don't care what you think, but if you are going to cast aspersions on others for doubting the 'official' story, when you don't have any more info than anyone else, I fear it is you who are making the DP look like it is full of crackpots.