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Comment: Glenn Beck is still

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Glenn Beck is still

evolving. I hope the same can be said for some of you.

I started watching Glenn Beck about 5 years ago on Fox. He was the only one other than Judge Napolitano and John Stossel, who tried to tell it like it was, considering the constraints of MSM placed on them. I listened to him preach about God and the bible; watched him support the Constitution, and then say maybe we need to change the Constitution. I heard him lamenting the government leadership, the economic disaster of the economy, the corruption and worry about preparing for a SHTF scenario. I also was watching when he seemed to think RonP was a nut case, then worth listening to, then get furious over the live by/die by the sword comment.(And btw, I also understand where RonP was coming from, although a little harsh for the moment. He does not believe in violence period unless all other peaceful avenues have been tried. He would however, answer with all we have should our Republic be attacked. He would have closed our 900 basses in 160(?) countries, saving trillions of $, brought back our military and strengthed our defenses at home. He would have closed those "5 " departments of the gov and used the money from both to get our Republic back on a solid footing. He said it would be rough for a year or so(I think a long "or so"). He also recognized he would need help from Congress.

Glenn is evolving. He has made the comment that they have made mistakes on the show but have readily admitted it. From my point of view, I wish he wouldn't sound so damned certain and then turn around and recant. The language used on the show also bothers me. On the other hand, if you listen enough, and have already done your own research for the truth, you will recognize he is moving in the right direction and you will begin to know the truth. You will learn things on his show you will never see anywhere else

Rand is, I believe, a good guy and Ron Paul has said Rand is a better politician. I am and have been supporting both and will continue to do so.