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I don't think you're understanding my point...

Keep in mind that to a non-Christian, using verses from the Bible to justify the Bible is just circular reference. The concept of "anything God does is good, regardless of how cruel and unjust it seems, because because the Bible says so" holds weight to you but not to a non-Christian.

In Ephesians 6:5 slaves are commanded to be subject to their masters with fear and trembling (key words "fear" and "trembling"). 1 Peter 2:18 takes it even further to include subjection to cruel slave masters. And somewhat consistent with that, in Exodus 21:20-21 God allows slave masters to beat their slaves to death as long as the slave survives a day or two. You can twist it all you want, unless you can give a good rational justification that isn't just blind faith "because God can do no wrong", those things are still immoral and cruel. If your morality tells you otherwise, well, there is a perfect reason why religion shouldn't be a basis for our laws.

My point is simply that to use the Bible as justification for laws that blanket our entire country, many who follow non-Judeo Christian religions or no religion at all, is not right. All laws should be supported by logical and rational arguments, not the arbitrary dogma of one religion that not everyone believes. In a country that values liberty, following religious moral codes should always be by choice (it's called religious freedom, an important concept in this country).

And that's why I can mock a prophet of God and not get mauled. It's why a woman is not forced to learn in silence, can even teach or usurp authority over a man, is not forced to submit to her husband in everything, and is not forced to cover her head (1 Corinthians 11:7-9). It's why we allow men to marry divorced women (Matthew 5:31-32). It's why we got rid of slavery and don't even allow debtors to beat people to death.