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Comment: As a farmer, I benefit from Roundup Ready Soybeans.

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As a farmer, I benefit from Roundup Ready Soybeans.

Look people, be objective on the subject. The author of the report has most likely never stepped foot on a farm and his opinion is nothing more than that, an opinion. There is no mention of what the weeds are resistant to, which for your information is glyphosate. Before Roundup, we were suffering from weeds that were resistant to the herbicides of that time. Roundup allowed us farmers to open up new areas to farming (South America) and to increase our profits, which allowed for the purchase of newer technology and opening up of further land for farming.

Quit trying to demonize something that has been so beneficial to the world. Monsanto, John Deere, ADM, CNH, BASF, and any other agricultural giant, or member of the ag industry, have been involved in resolving the world's biggest killer, FAMINE. Everyone forgets how China had 50 MILLION starve to death. Or Russia's 30-50 MILLION that starved to death. Now these countries import transgenic grain or animal protein that was fed on transgenics. Organics are great, but they won't feed the world. That requires large scale, intensive farming and the utilization of the most modern technology.

And as a final note, Roundup Ready Soybeans have NEVER harmed anyone; the person that chose to eat that product harmed themselves by making such choice.